– Atlassian cloud products help small, medium, and big enterprises around the world to build and run their businesses effortlessly by enabling collaboration among team members both co-located and working remotely. Be it Jira for project planning and issue tracking, Confluence for document collaboration, Bitbucket for source code repository management, Opsgenie for incident management, or Jira Service Desk for customer support, all the products from Atlassian suite allow cross-functional teams to achieve higher productivity in various stages of the business workflow.

However, the flexibility of being able to access cloud products from any device or location also means a higher risk of potential security threats. Any enterprise using Software-as-a-Service tools is vulnerable to the following threats.

  • Compromised credentials: Stolen or compromised credentials of users or administrators through various means such as phishing can result in data breaches by letting the adversaries get access to sensitive data of the organization stored in the cloud
  • Privilege user threats: Abuse of privilege user roles or permissions can result in insider threats that pose a greater risk to the organization’s data

McAfee MVISON Cloud’s integration with Atlassian Access provides the additional security layer for the organizations using Atlassian tools and allows these organizations to take advantage of the productivity gains from using the cloud-native products of Atlassian without compromising on security.

By integrating with Atlassian Access’s organization audit log, McAfee MVISION Cloud creates a comprehensive audit trail of user and administrator activity to allow the security admins perform forensic investigations based on various attributes such as user, location, activity type, etc., and automatically identifies the threatful or anomalous user and administrator behavior by applying machine learning on the activity feed. As a comprehensive cloud security platform, McAfee can detect cross-cloud threats that involve usage across Atlassian products and other cloud services. As threats are resolved, McAfee automatically incorporates this data into its behavioral models to improve detection accuracy.